Friday, January 10, 2014

I did it - well some of it anyway

I'm back to my normal weight. I'm not skinny or thin but I'm officially back to normal. Obviously, writing a blog did not turn out to be my tool. I totally lost interest at some point. The working strategy for me was "ignore the diet" and start living as a person you want to be. I already saw myself as an active person, who likes walking and running and biking and swimming and basically all the sports that are not too hard for the knees. But in real life I was also a fat runner, a fat swimmer, a fat woman hiking. To let the inner and outer image become one I increased the outdoor activities and stopped driving the car anywhere. Instead I've been walking or riding a bike everywhere since June. A sporty lady does not sit up all night and stuff her face with goodies or ten sandwiches, does she? Gradually, step by step I learned to behave like the person I wanted to be. And here I am. I'd love to reach the numbers I once used to be, but right now I'm OK here, I feel like my body and soul are the same person.

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  1. Hienoa! Onneksi olkoon ! Tuo ajatustapa, että toimii kuten aktiivinen ihminen alusta lähtien on todella hyvä.