Friday, January 10, 2014

I did it - well some of it anyway

I'm back to my normal weight. I'm not skinny or thin but I'm officially back to normal. Obviously, writing a blog did not turn out to be my tool. I totally lost interest at some point. The working strategy for me was "ignore the diet" and start living as a person you want to be. I already saw myself as an active person, who likes walking and running and biking and swimming and basically all the sports that are not too hard for the knees. But in real life I was also a fat runner, a fat swimmer, a fat woman hiking. To let the inner and outer image become one I increased the outdoor activities and stopped driving the car anywhere. Instead I've been walking or riding a bike everywhere since June. A sporty lady does not sit up all night and stuff her face with goodies or ten sandwiches, does she? Gradually, step by step I learned to behave like the person I wanted to be. And here I am. I'd love to reach the numbers I once used to be, but right now I'm OK here, I feel like my body and soul are the same person.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sleeping like a Log

I'm finally going down for real.

The weight 77.7.

The diet today: A heavy lunch at work and a slice of cake to celebrate a workmate's birthday. Lots and lots of hot tea. Nothing after work.

The following morning:

An interesting test, really. Not having dinner or night snack worked wonders for my sleep. I don't remember when I would have slept so well. When I woke up this morning it felt like I had been gone from this world for ages and I felt really really rested. The weight had gone down to exact 77. However I don't really think that's real. It's probably totally temporary. You just can't lose 700 grams in one night!

Just to sleep so incredibly well I might skip dinner some other day as well!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night Success

I went out. I had a good time. I laughed and I talked. I saw how my skinny friends ordered all kinds of portions with sausages, pasta, potato salad and fries, fries and more fries. And I, I ordered a big salad. And a big water. And some more water. I came home all happy and tired. I'm going to make this into a habit, going out without drinking. I'm totally OK with ditching Friday night alcohol drinks from my "30 kg suitcase".

The weight is 78.4. 400 grams (4 days) and I'll be back to the weight I had reached and maintained for a long time in the fall. And after those 400 grams I'll start digging deeper and deeper into my heavy "suitcase" and keep throwing stuff out until I travel totally light!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Whatever your weight, may your mind be light and happy!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mind Tricks

I was going to have a home office day today and those days are always very good for my health in many ways. I usually go for a run before sitting down for work, I eat well and in a healthy way and I stick to the set times (vs snacking all the time). Well, my office day was cancelled and I was called in to work, but surprisingly enough, it did not de-rail me today.

Going to work, working hard, solving conflicts, meeting people is all what I have chosen to do for a living and I enjoy it. However, it is relatively challenging and sometimes downright stressful. Today I made a very conscious effort to to keep my calm and when I came home and basically kept repeating a mantra in my head. The mantra went like this: Work is work, work is work, home is home, home is home, food is food, food is food. I'm trying to get rid of my existing mantra that goes like this: "Work is everything, home is where I think about work, food is a painkiller"  .

Today my new mantra worked, I have had a totally balanced day. A good portion of work, family life, the internet surfing, exercise, eating right, drinking lots of water. Today, today I'm almost willing to admit that this kind of balance in life and peace in my mind is more important than losing  weight... The weight today, by the way, 79.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Baby Steps

79.6 That means 400gr in 6 days. Minimal baby steps anyway.

Less stress, better everything. But can there be life without stress? -No. Can there be stress without over eating? - Hopefully.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Working and Emotional Eating

Working and Emotional Eating

...are absolutely linked. If I come home after six pm it's almost for sure I have a great need to binge. Do I think eating a lot somehow makes my evening longer? Or is it stress release?

Today I have a home office day like the day before yesterday, and I'm positive eating will take a side track again. When I go to work, I don't think about food and often I also don't eat during the work day, but when I come home all hell breaks loose. I'm tired of this. I want some balance, please!

Lots and lots of new snow out there again. Looks good and makes the world light. But I miss the blue sky, it's been cloudy or very cloudy since Christmas. However, I'll go out to do my cardio before working at the computer. Fresh air will be a good start.

The weight today 80. Good, down a kilo from Monday. Nothing new yet, because during the Fall my steady weight was down to 78 for a long time. I'll go hurray and claim I'm back to business when I go under 78.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Steps

The biggest goal for today is to keep figuring out how to stop emotional eating.

The small goal is keep the energy intake down by 750 calories so tomorrow's scale would show yet another -100 gr.

Totally cloudy today, minus degrees, but yes, I'll go out there and get my cardio done. Only home office work today.

The weight today 80.7, down 300gr from yesterday.

12/24 The day is half way and everything's still fine. A nice blend of work, exercise, lunch, net surfing...

20 /24 hours of the day done.  And I'm done for today. It was a good day.

*Only spent a few moments here and there about thinking / worrying about my food intake or my weight

*got a little bit of strenght training done and some 30 min running in lovely crisp winter weather.

* A good breakfast, lunch and dinner. One apple, lots of vegetables, some meat and fish. Two wholegrain cookies were not the smartest choice as a snack, but the miracle is that it was just two cookies, not eight or ten!